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Maximize your return

Pay off your machine faster




Tool path  is a big part of a machine's performance–and it plays more of a part than you might think in increasing the return on your machine investment. That is why it is important to detect and eliminate unproductive cutting parameters in your tool paths to boost your productivity.


Terranic Systems offers sustainable and proven solutions to optimize your machine performance with innovative digital tools and customized cutting strategies. Our solutions will enable your company to utilize its current capital equipment to the fullest and improve its existing operations from tool path planning stage to execution of the actual NC program.


We work closely with our customers to

  • Thoroughly inspect and evaluate existing NC programs of a component;

  • Map out all productivity obstacles within operations;

  • Suggest a well-structured work plan to optimize existing NC programs;

  • Implement and execute optimized NC programs that achieve the highest throughput.


We suggest the following 4-phase approach to our clients:

Phase #1 - Initial Talks with Client

  • A non disclosure agreement is signed between the client and us.

  • The client submits necessary NC programs for a candidate part for evaluation.​


Phase #2 - Machining Process Evaluation

  • Our experienced engineers examine all operations to determine obstacles to productivity.

  • Operations best suited for machining improvement are determined.


Phase #3 - Final Specifications for Optimization

  • The client provides supplementary information about the candidate part such as cutting tools, machine specifications and workpiece material.

  • Client’s specific requirements about the candidate part are compiled.


Phase #4 - Part Program Optimization and Implementation

  • A proposal with the inspection report is presented to the client to lay out the roadmap to improve existing processes and practices.

  • Having agreed on the terms and technologies, we inititate process performance improvement by offering new machining strategies that ensures 100% utilization of client's existing machinery, tools and setups.

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